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Dunfermline Athletic Heritage Trust have put together a video for all Pars fans which celebrates the promotion winning season of 1995/96.

1995/96 was one of the most momentous seasons in the history of the Club, encompassing both tragedy and ultimately triumph.

We have interviewed a wide range of players, including Ivo den Bieman, Guido van de Kamp, Colin Miller, Ryan Hegarty, Tommy Callaghan, Hamish French, Greg Shaw, Andy Smith, Allan Moore, Ian Westwater, David Bingham, and Marc Millar. Dick Campbell who was Assistant Manager, and Roy Woodrow who was then the Chairman.

This video gives you their thoughts, memories and insights into a unique promotion winning season.

We hope that circumstances will allow for an in-person celebration later in the season, when we hope to have Bert Paton playing a significant role. This obviously is covid-dependent but you have to be an optimist to be a Par!

We hope that you will be content to pay a small fee of £5 to the Heritage Trust, which is entirely run by unpaid volunteers. This will help it to progress with its mission to publicise and celebrate the history of Dunfermline Athletic.

This link will allow you to donate and access to the videos.

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Card payment

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