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The Trust is producing a series of video interviews with players, officials and fans, to capture their memories of DAFC. Most of them can also be seen on the Trust`s YouTube channel.

Roy Barry at Hampden

Mo Hutton Hall of Fame
Sat, 27th Apr 2019

Mike Leonard speaks to the DAHT
Thu, 19th Dec 2019

Brian Ross
Tue, 1st Oct 2019

Jimmy Mullen
Fri, 9th Aug 2019

Arthur McGachie (by Paul McGachie St John)
Tue, 30th Apr 2019

Trevor Smith
Tue, 16th Apr 2019

Stuart Rafferty, Ross Jack, Davie Irons
Wed, 6th Mar 2019

Walter Borthwick
Tue, 19th Feb 2019

Bobby Robertson
Thu, 7th Feb 2019

Roy Barry at Hampden
Sat, 2nd Feb 2019

Graeme Robertson
Fri, 11th Jan 2019

Graham Bayne
Sun, 23rd Dec 2018

Willie Renton & Pat Gardner
Fri, 21st Dec 2018

Kevin & Ryan Hegarty
Tue, 13th Nov 2018

Alex Totten
Tue, 13th Nov 2018

Jim Leishman (Part 2)
Tue, 23rd Oct 2018

Jim Leishman (Part 1)
Tue, 23rd Oct 2018

Ian Westwater
Sun, 21st Oct 2018

The videos can also be connected to from this site by clicking on each name below.

1960s Legends
1961 Cup Winners
2003 DAFC Youth Team
Andy Barrowman
Roy Barry (Part 1)
Roy Barry (Part 2)
Graham Bayne
Stuart Beedie
Ivo Den Bieman
David Bingham
Walter Borthwick
Jim Brown
Richie Byrne (Part 1)
Richie Byrne (Part 2)
Richie Byrne (with Gary Dempsey)
Tommy and Willie Callaghan (Part 1)
Tommy and Willie Callaghan (Part 2)
Tommy and Willie Callaghan (Part 3)
Willie Callaghan
Dick Campbell (Part 1)
Dick Campbell (Part 2)
Steve Crawford (Part 1)
Steve Crawford (Part 2)
Jason Dair
Gary Dempsey
Gary Dempsey (with Richie Byrne)
Alex Edwards
Derek Fleming
Bobby Forrest
Cammy Fraser
Hamish French
Pat Gardner
Martin Hardie
Martin Hardie (Pt 1) [CC Lifeline video]
Martin Hardie (Pt 2) [CC Lifeline video]
Kevin Hegarty
Ryan Hegarty
Jim Herriot (Part 1)
Jim Herriot (Part 2)
John Holt
Stephen Husband
David Irons
Ross Jack
Grant Jenkins
Istvan Kozma
Jim Leishman (Part 1)
Jim Leishman (Part 2)
Austin McCann [CC Lifeline video]
Arthur McGachie
Ernie McGarr
Dan McLindon (Part 1)
Dan McLindon (Part 2)
Dave McNicoll (Part 1)
Dave McNicoll (Part 2)
Gerry McWilliam
Harry Melrose
Marc Millar
Davie Moyes
Jimmy Mullen
Barry Nicholson
Colin O`Brien
Bert Paton (Part 1: Player)
Bert Paton (Part 2: Manager)
Nick Phinn
Stuart Rafferty
Felix Reilly
Willie Renton
Bobby Robertson
Graeme Robertson
Andy Rolland
Brian Ross
Marco Ruitenbeek
Kevin Rutkiewicz [CC Lifeline video]
Graham Shaw
Greg Shields (Part 1)
Greg Shields (Part 2)
Andrius Skerla
Alex Smith (See Note *)
Alex Smith (DAHT)
Andy Smith (Part 1)
Andy Smith (Part 2)
Mark Smith
Paul Smith
Trevor Smith
Derek Stillie
John Sweeney
Kenny Thomson
Grant Tierney
Alex Totten
Scott Walker
Ian Westwater
Paddy Wilson
Calum Woods
Dave Young

Managers, Refs & Others
Gregor Abel
James Crombie (106-yr old Supporter) (Part 1)
James Crombie (106-yr old Supporter) (Part 2)
Stuart Dougal (Referee)
Davie Hunter (Part 1): Youth Coach
Davie Hunter (Part 2): Youth Coach
Denis Zaczek (Kincardine Supporters` Club)
Golden Years: Town Band

Unless stated otherwise, all the above videos were produced by Dunfermline Athletic Heritage Trust and all rights in them are reserved.

* The Alex Smith YouTube video is streamed with the permission of its producer Scott Willis, whose website is HERE.

DAFC Matches
1920-21: Cowdenbeath v DAFC (Qual Cup Rd 1)
29 Oct 1949: DAFC v East Fife (Sc League Cup Final)
26 Apr 1961: DAFC v Celtic (SC Final - Pathe)
26 Apr 1961: DAFC v Celtic (SC Final - STV)
31 Oct 1962: DAFC v Everton (ICFC Rd 1)
19 Dec 1962: DAFC v Valencia (ICFC Rd 2)
6 Feb 1963: DAFC v Valencia (ICFC Rd 2) Play-off (Travel Film by Gordon Hill)
27 Mar 1965: DAFC v Hibernian (SC Semi-Final)
24 Apr 1965: DAFC v Celtic (SC Final)
3 Apr 1968: DAFC v St Johnstone (SC S/Final)
27 Apr 1968: DAFC v Hearts (SC Final)

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