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Tribute Night: We Did It For Norrie

On 15 January 1996, as the culmination of the events commemorating the 20th anniversary of Norrie McCathie's untimely death on 8 January 1996, the Heritage Trust hosted a night at the Carnegie Hall, with Norrie's brother Rab, 20 former players, Jim Leishman, Gregor Abel, Dick Campbell, John Jobson and Pip Yeates and an audience of several hundred Pars fans.

There is an excellent six-part account of the evening on the DAFC website.

"Part One".

"Part Two"

"Part Three"

"Part Four"

"Part Five"

"Part Six"

Every person who was interviewed on stage was asked for one word to sum up Norrie McCathie. Dick Campbell felt that he was talking for everyone inside the Carnegie Hall and chose five- We miss you Big Man.

The one word answers were:
Rab McCathie - smiling
Jim Leishman - wonderful
John Jobson - unforgettable
Gregor Abel - awesome
Jim Bowie - magnificent
Ian Westwater - tough
Pip Yeates - irreplaceable
Ian McCall - DAFC
John Robertson - legend
Stewart Petrie - inspirational

The Trust is grateful to the Directors, staff and volunteers of DAFC, who worked so hard to make the evening such a success, to Steven Mill and to the BBC's Brian McLauchlin for leading the event on stage, to the former players who participated and to the McCathie family for attending.

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Memory Box Goes National

Memory Box Goes NationalOur Memory Boxes project, spearheaded by Kenny Mclachlan of the Heritage Trust in co-operation with FES Ltd and The Pars Foundation, and sponsored by Co-op Funeralcare, has been a tremendous success.

So well has it been received that the concept is to be made available at local Co-op branches throughout the UK, and the new "national" design is shown here.

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Annual General Meeting 2017

Annual General Meeting 2017The annual general meeting of the Heritage Trust will be at 7pm on Monday 6 November, in the Board Room at East End Park. Click on the link below for a copy of the agenda.
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