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The Golden Years (20 Oct 2015)

The Carnegie Hall witnessed both a matinee and an evening performance of a new ‘Director’s Cut’ of the ever-popular ‘Golden Years’ dvd, featuring original film footage of the halcyon years of Dunfermline Athletic in the 1960s.

Setting the scene for the film were Fife’s answer to ‘Saint and Greavsie’, being Bonar Mercer and Roy Barry. Roy effortlessly recalled story after story of events at the Club, including the cup run which led to the 1968 triumph and him lifting the Scottish Cup at Hampden Park. It was an absolute treat to listen to their banter.

The film had been edited into two halves of 45 minutes by courtesy of Talisman Films Scotland. It covered the two cup wins (1961 and 1968), as well as a number of European campaigns, including the defeats of Everton, Valencia, Olympiakos and Bordeaux. Perhaps the climax was the European Cup-Winners’ Cup game against Slovan Bratislava.

As the film came to an end, the Dunfermline Town Band marched in playing ‘The Happy Wanderer’ as it had first done in the High Street in 1961. Remarkably, three members of the band could claim to have been there fifty-four years ago. Following the band down the aisle, Scottish Cup winning Captain of 1968, Roy Barry, brought the Scottish Cup back to Dunfermline. CLICK HERE to watch an amateur video of the Band.

Thanks are due to Frank Connelly of Dynamic Dunfermline, the staff of the Carnegie Hall, and John Simpson, Kenny McLachlan, and Donald Adamson (who chaired the shows) of Dunfermline Athletic Heritage Trust. Profits will be split between Yes-U-Are and Dunfermline Athletic Heritage Trust.

Yes-U-Are is a charity which has bought and is restoring the Erskine Church as the base for a range of volunteer-led programmes which will greatly benefit the community of West Fife. Dunfermline Athletic Heritage Trust protects and enhances the tangible and intangible heritage of Dunfermline Athletic.

The photographs show Dunfermline legends Roy Barry and Bonar Mercer, as well as Bob Rendall from Yes-U-Are and Donald Adamson of Dunfermline Athletic Heritage Trust, with the Scottish Cup (courtesy of the Scottish Football Association). The photographs are copyright The Courier / DC Thomson, and used with their permission.

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Dunfermline Athletic Heritage Trust Survey

We would be very grateful if you would support Dunfermline Athletic Heritage Trust (DAHT) by completing a survey about its operations, and future plans.

The Trust was established on 18 October 2014, by a Trust Deed, with the aim of preserving for future generations the history of Dunfermline Athletic Football Club and the memories of its players, management and supporters.

It aims to make this rich heritage available for public access. Due to a mailing error the survey has been re-opened and will run through March 2018.

PLEASE NOTE: After some problems we have resolved the issue and you can now complete the survey. We apologise for the gremlins in the system.

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Memory Box Goes National

Memory Box Goes NationalOur Memory Boxes project, spearheaded by Kenny Mclachlan of the Heritage Trust in co-operation with FES Ltd and The Pars Foundation, and sponsored by Co-op Funeralcare, has been a tremendous success.

So well has it been received that the concept is to be made available at local Co-op branches throughout the UK, and the new "national" design is shown here.

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Annual General Meeting 2017

Annual General Meeting 2017The annual general meeting of the Heritage Trust will be at 7pm on Monday 6 November, in the Board Room at East End Park. Click on the link below for a copy of the agenda.
Heritage Trust 2017 AGM

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