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Dunfermline Athletic Heritage Trust Survey

We would be very grateful if you would support Dunfermline Athletic Heritage Trust (DAHT) by completing a survey about its operations, and future plans.

The Trust was established on 18 October 2014, by a Trust Deed, with the aim of preserving for future generations the history of Dunfermline Athletic Football Club and the memories of its players, management and supporters.

It aims to make this rich heritage available for public access. The survey will be live through December 2017.

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Memory Box Goes National

Memory Box Goes National Our Memory Boxes project, spearheaded by Kenny Mclachlan of the Heritage Trust in co-operation with FES Ltd and The Pars Foundation, and sponsored by Co-op Funeralcare, has been a tremendous success.

So well has it been received that the concept is to be made available at local Co-op branches throughout the UK, and the new "national" design is shown here.

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Annual General Meeting 2017

Annual General Meeting 2017 The annual general meeting of the Heritage Trust will be at 7pm on Monday 6 November, in the Board Room at East End Park. Click on the link below for a copy of the agenda.
Heritage Trust 2017 AGM

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Ken Currie

Ken Currie Former player Ken Currie passed away on 22 March in a Care Home in Glenrothes, aged 91. Of solid build for a right-winger, Ken was an excellent crosser, and a tricky player who could pass his opposing full-back on either side.

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Cookbook (Full Time)

Cookbook (Full Time) The Trust`s cookbook, "FULL TIME", was launched at the Dunfermline Athletic FC Open Day in 2016, price £10.

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DAHT World War 1 Anniversary trip

DAHT World War 1 Anniversary trip Dunfermline Athletic Heritage Trust (DAHT) organised a trip to the WW1 Battlefields in 2016, to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the 1 July 1916 disaster for the British Army at the Somme. The group of 24 left East End Park on 29 June, returning on Monday 4 July.

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Retro Football Games Day

Retro Football Games Day On 8 May the Trust held a Retro Football Games Day at EEP, allowing those who were there to relive their childhood! Thanks to Kenny McLachlan and his team for organising it, to Marvyn Stewart for the buffet, to Eric Spreng for his Subbuteo Master Class, to DAFC for the use of the Purvis Suite, and to Co-op Funeralcare for their sponsorship.

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Book Auction

Book Auction The Trust recently auctioned a special copy of Jack Alexander's book "McCrae's Battalion", to help with the cost of taking two soldiers from the Army Personnel Recovery Unit to France as part of the centenary commemorations for the Battle of the Somme on 1 July.

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Newlands Care Home Visit

Newlands Care Home Visit On 28 January 2016, the Memory Box was taken to visit the residents at Newlands Care Home in Dunfermline. Heritage Trustee Kenny Mclachlan reports.

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Tribute Night: We Did It For Norrie

Tribute Night: We Did It For Norrie On 15 January 1996, as the culmination of the events commemorating the 20th anniversary of Norrie McCathie's untimely death on 8 January 1996, the Heritage Trust hosted a night at the Carnegie Hall, with Norrie's brother Rab, 20 former players, Jim Leishman, Gregor Abel, Dick Campbell, John Jobson and Pip Yeates and an audience of several hundred Pars fans.

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Exhibition: We Did It For Norrie

Exhibition: We Did It For Norrie To commemorate the 20th anniversary of Norrie McCathie's untimely death on 8 January 1996, the "We Did It For Norrie" Exhibition was open at EEP for 10 days between 29 December 2015 and Saturday 16 January 2016, receiving 925 visitors in that period.

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Future Pars Strips (designed by Canmore Primary School)

Future Pars Strips (designed by Canmore Primary School) The Heritage Trust and the DAFC Schools Engagement Team visited Canmore Primary School to find out what future Pars strips might look like!

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Henderson House Visits

Henderson House Visits On 19 and 26 November, representatives from the Heritage Trust, the Pars Foundation and FES Ltd visited Henderson House Care Home in Dalgety Bay as part of the Memory Box project.

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"Golden Years" DVD

Following on from the 'Golden Years' event in October, a DVD has been produced. It costs £10 and can be bought in the new DASC shop at EEP from Sat 5 December, and also from a stall in the Kingsgate (outside Debenhams) throughout December. Very soon it will be possible to order it online from the “Old Dunfermline” website.
The Trust is grateful for the work put into this project by Frank Connelly, for the sponsorship by Co-operative Funeralcare, and for the opportunity given by the DASC to sell the DVD in their shop.

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The Truly Horrific History of DAFC

The Truly Horrific History of DAFC The Trust is proud to present the Truly Horrific History of DAFC.

The booklet covers eight themes which between them tell the story thus far of the Pars from 1885 to the present. In each case there are links at the bottom of each page to further information on the internet which you might want to consult.

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The Golden Years (20 Oct 2015)

The Golden Years (20 Oct 2015) The Carnegie Hall witnessed both a matinee and an evening performance of a new ‘Director’s Cut’ of the ever-popular ‘Golden Years’ dvd, featuring original film footage of the halcyon years of Dunfermline Athletic in the 1960s.

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Kingsgate Exhibition

Kingsgate Exhibition The Trust (in conjunction with the Yes-U-Are charity) hosted a small exhibition in Dunfermline's Kingsgate Shopping Centre on 26 September and 3 October, to publicise the Golden Years events on 20 October at Carnegie Hall.

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